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FAQ & Disclaimer

What happens to my data?

We collect devices containing personal data and strive to eliminate all data through secure erasure or factory reset methods. Our standard operating procedure for secure erasure, aligned with Department of Defense protocols, involves three passes to ensure complete data overwrite and security.

Why do you not provide Certificates of Destruction (CoDs)?

We provide this service at a charge of $25 per device requiring erasure. This fee covers the creation of a ticket, thorough documentation, and outlining of the course of action, as well as the issuance of a certificate to validate the completion of services. Regardless of payment or non-payment, the erasure process remains consistent; however, for non-paid erasures, devices are grouped together and erased randomly, based on factors such as make and model.

What happens to my electronics?

Electronic Recycling Cycle.jpg


By utilizing our services, you acknowledge and agree to our disclaimer. We kindly ask you to read the full disclaimer before proceeding.

1. Device Pitstop shall not be held liable for any data loss on the aforementioned equipment or for any damages arising from such data loss.
2. Device Pitstop will not intentionally browse through any personal, private, or confidential information or data; however, I understand that technicians may inadvertently view data during the performance of their duties.
3. Device Pitstop shall not be responsible for any loss incurred by me due to data that remains unerased from the device.
4. I acknowledge and consent that the electronics deposited may be refurbished, donated, sold, and/or destroyed.
5. I understand that once I have disposed of any electronics to Device Pitstop, I will not be able to retrieve any data or the electronics themselves should I change my mind.
6. I acknowledge that there will be no documentation provided regarding the disposal of the electronics or the erasure of data.
7. I acknowledge that once I have disposed of my electronics, there will be an attempt to destroy data immediately or over a period of days or weeks.
8. I acknowledge that although an attempt will be made to destroy data, disposed electronics may not be completely erased/data destroyed.
9. I acknowledge that there is no legal precedent obligating Device Pitstop to destroy my data, as there are no guarantees and the erasure of data operates under an honor system.
10. I understand that data destruction may be carried out via software methods or by physical means.
11. I acknowledge that it is recommended I undertake the responsibility for the destruction of my data, as this constitutes the most verifiable method to ensure its complete erasure and destruction.
12. I acknowledge and consent that Device Pitstop is authorized to utilize my disposed electronics, the services rendered, or any interactions related thereto as promotional material.
13. I acknowledge that some electronic waste may not be fully recyclable and may be disposed of in other means. 

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